You Left Huge Individual Memories!

On March 19th 2018 on a bitterly cold day, Mary and I stood with my brother in law Frank Hill former captain of the old Royal London and Springfield FC, quietly with the family and friends of Jayne Margarette Weston. Where at Gornal Wood Crematorium, Jayne was being laid to rest, she was only 59 when she passed away.

Jayne Weston was her married name, she and Dave her husband were devoted to each other, Jayne and Dave were very much a couple that friends and family always recognised as being deeply in love with one another, and very much a pair.

Jayne and Dave met in Wednesfield, they had a happy marriage.

Frank, Mary and I were there in Gornal Wood to pay our respects to Dave and Jayne’s family, and to remember the Jayne Spence we all knew as a young girl growing up, playing pranks, being larger than life and having a terrific love of animals and horses in particular.

Jayne was the middle daughter of Ken & Jean Spence.

We as footballers at Royal London FC knew the Spence family in the 60’s and 70’s very well indeed.

We were in those days’ carefree chaps who wanted to play football. Under our Manager Ken Spence, we did that with fabulous results both on the field and also off the field. We had a strong friendship with Ken & Jean and their ‘girls’.

We had a brilliant social life as Royal London FC , which meant that we were always bursting into the Spence family life, often with some disastrous results.   Gayle, Jayne and (the baby!) Lynn were always having their routines upset as these young guys, called on the telephone, at odd hours. Turned up drunk, or very happy at all times of the day and night., talking football with Ken and driving the family to distraction.

All of these random actions impacted on the girls and their school work. Jean Spence used to get very angry when some times the lads would disturb the girls on purpose. This again led to admonishment from Jean.

I grew up with all this happening. Indeed I think I was perhaps the worst culprit. Gail, Jayne and Lynn were special and it hurt like hell to know that we will not be seeing Jayne again. My last conversation with Jayne was at Jean’s Birthday Party. Just before we left, Jayne gave me her ‘hug’ and told me ‘that I was the brother she never had’. We left laughing and joking.

Jayne you were a live wire! You were not supposed to go so early. In your short life you were at the physical centre of your own family. You were the sun that all the planets spin around.

All your friends, and your children and your grandchildren were the planets. They will miss you so much in a physical sense. Your Mom Jean & Dad Ken and your two brave sisters Gayle and Lynn will find it hard to cope without you being around, as will other members of your family and friends.

But during your life, your influence, your actions, your love of life, will have  left huge personal memories for each and every one of them as individuals.

Jayne lived life as I well remember to the full. I still see you and your sisters dressed to support your dads football team in the red and white colours of Royal London. That mad cap laugh! The huge grin when you were around the horses. None of those images will ever leave me. These are my own personal memories.

Rest In Peace Jayne, you played your part in making this World a happier, a richer place, for all those that came into contact with you.

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more